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  1. Gold & Cream Silk Cuirass Wedding Dress & Shoes Worn By Priscilla Batham Buchan, 1881

    National Institute of Dramatic Art

    This gold and cream silk curiass wedding dress with train and shoes was worn by Priscilla Batham Buchan when she married Thomas Ronald McLellan at Saint Bartholomew’s Church, Pyrmont, Sydney, on the 21st December, 1881. Pricilla Batham Buchan was born to English parents in Sydney. Her husband Thomas Ronald McLellan was born in Scotland. Pricilla and Thomas both came from wealthy families, which is reflected in the style and quality of the dress.  Thomas McLellan made a good life ... more

  2. Cream velvet wedding dress

    Glen Innes & District Historical Society

    A beautiful example in excellent condition of a wedding dress worn by a bride from a prominent local grazing family of the Glen Innes district. The wedding was during the final years of the Second World War and the dress was made of fabric which would have been hard to come by at that time. The bride, Beryl Foot, and her groom, Lionel Smith, owned and operated a local grazing property 'Oaklands' which was well know for its wool production ... more

  3. Violet Armstrong's Life Saving Club Swimsuit
    1930 - 1945

    Manly Art Gallery & Museum

    This one piece costume belonged to Violet Smith (nee Armstrong) who during the 1920s and 1930s established herself as a champion athlete in swimming, hockey, golf, tennis, athletics and riding in Sydney. During her life Violet had a lifelong association with the Manly area and in particular the Manly Life Saving Club, where this swimsuit originates. This swimming costume is an original Manly Life Saving Club silk racing swimsuit from the 1930s. Manly Life Saving Club was established after a ... more

  4. Girl's "Fairy" Fancy Dress Costume

    Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences

    This garment is a fine example of a homemade child's fancy dress costume from the early 20th century. The costume was designed and handmade by Louisa Honora Wane (nee Killeen) for her daughter, Marjorie Lydia Wane. It was worn to a St Mary's Sunday School concert in the suburb of East Balmain, Sydney c. 1913 when Marjorie was 7 years old. This dress is an excellent example of pre-war fancy dress. Due to the temporary nature of children's fancy dress ... more

  5. Boy's black velveteen suit
    1928 - 1930

    Griffith Pioneer Park Museum

    This boy's suit is one of three black velveteen suits made in the 1920s for Ori, Roy and Leo Pastega, the sons of an Italian migrant family. The suits were made by the boys' mother Luigia Pastega. The skills required to produce such garments were attained by Luigia as a young girl in Italy. Many Italian women excelled in such fine work, including the making of clothing, lace, knitting and embroidery. The Pastega's emigrated from northern Italy and ... more

  6. Boy's special occasion suit
    1900 - 1904

    Campbelltown & Airds Historical Society

    Keith Miller's special ocasion suit is of interest because it represents a style of clothing worn by middle class boys for important events at the turn of the twentieth century. It also provides insight into the shopping practices of rural Australian residents during this time. The blue and cream velvet suit with breeches and sailor style collar was manufacturred by "Victoria House Clothing Company", representing the relatively new trend for stores to merchandise ready-made clothing. Department stores such Farmers ... more

  7. Beaded dress made by Miss Una Simpson
    1925 - 1926

    Museum of the Riverina

    This dress is of historic and aesthetic significance, and is one of only a handful of 1920s dresses in the Museum's collection. Even though we know little of the dressmaker Miss Una Simpson, the bead-work and design is exceptional. It is a visible reminder of the fashion trends of the 1920s, a period in fashion history when the formality of the Edwardian period relaxed and the excitement of 'modernity' clashed head-on to create a legacy of truly unique garments ... more

  8. Full dress tail coat and cocked hat worn by Jeremiah Linde Jones, Royal Navy Purser
    1832 - 1853

    Braidwood Museum

    This Royal Navy officer’s full dress coat and cocked hat was worn by Jeremiah Linde Jones (c.1796-1866), a ships Purser who settled in the Braidwood area between 1838 and 1845.  The design of the uniform is typical of the highly stylised and regulated full dress uniforms of the Royal Navy during the 1800’s. The cut, colours and trimmings reveal when it was worn and the officer’s rank and branch. The blue/black wool tail coat has a white ... more

  9. Port Macquarie Hockey Club blazer worn by Peggy Haynes

    Port Macquarie Historical Society

    This single breasted woollen women’s hockey blazer was worn by Margaret Coral Haynes, known as Peggy [  - 1995] and often spelt as Haines. The blazer recognises Peggy’s participation in five NSW Country Week Competitions representing Port Macquarie over the years 1947 to 1949, 1951 and 1953. Peggy Haynes appears to have been an exceptional hockey player, participating in the sport at many levels, as a player and coach. The sport of hockey was formally established in NSW in the early ... more

  10. 'Gum Blossom' child's fancy dress

    Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences

    This tiny outfit was worn by three year old Pat Dale at the 150th anniversary celebrations of white settlement in Australia held on April 6th and 7th 1938 at the Sydney Cricket Ground. It represents one of many Australian native plants that the girls depicted alongside birds and animals worn by the boys to represent the spirit of Australia. The gum blossom outfit was inspired by the characters 'Bib and Bub' from the books 'Gum-Nut Babies' and 'Gum-Blossom Babies' by ... more

  11. Myra Mogg's knitwear
    1932 - 1938

    Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences

    This collection of Myra Mogg’s knitwear, consisting of three jumpers, gloves, court shoes overlaid with knitting and a hat, is a superb example of fine hand knitting with Australian provenance, in excellent, near-mint condition. Ms Myra Mogg (1906-1967) of Mudgee was an expert knitter who designed and made her own clothes, often ensembles consisting a tunic, gloves and shoes. She had the ability to knit so fine it at times utterly bewildered judges of the annual shows and knitting competitions ... more

  12. Regimental Jacket worn by Dr. John Vaughan Thompson
    1830 - 1836

    Port Macquarie Historical Society

    This regimental dress jacket is significant for its association with the NSW penal colony and with the Sydney convict hospital, also known as the ‘Rum’ hospital in particular. The jacket belonged to Dr John Vaughan Thompson of the Royal Army Medical Corps, a medical doctor and zoologist who migrated to New South Wales in 1836 to serve as the first Deputy Inspector General of Hospitals at the Sydney penal settlement following a reorganisation of medical services.   Convict hospitals were established ... more