Port Macquarie Hockey Club blazer worn by Peggy Haynes

Contributed by: Port Macquarie Historical Society

Hockey blazer Blazer embroidered pocket detail Insect hole on jacket back Maker's label with owner's name P Haines
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    Port Macquarie Historical Society
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    PMHM 2012.56
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  • Place of origin:

    Port Macquarie, NSW, Australia
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Object information

Significance statement

This single breasted woollen women’s hockey blazer was worn by Margaret Coral Haynes, known as Peggy [  - 1995] and often spelt as Haines. The blazer recognises Peggy’s participation in five NSW Country Week Competitions representing Port Macquarie over the years 1947 to 1949, 1951 and 1953.

Peggy Haynes appears to have been an exceptional hockey player, participating in the sport at many levels, as a player and coach.

The sport of hockey was formally established in NSW in the early 1900s with the NSW Women’s Hockey Association formed in 1908. Women’s hockey in the Hastings area commenced after an exhibition match at the Port Macquarie cricket ground played by a team from nearby Kempsey in June 1911. Later that same month the local hockey club was formed. By 1912 there were two local clubs, the Waratahs and the Shamrocks.

Port Macquarie sent a representative women’s hockey team to the NSW Country Week Carnival as early as 1927. This jacket evidences a Port Macquarie hockey player’s participation in NSW Country Week Carnivals during the late 1940s and early 1950s. Peggy Haynes was a member of the 1949 team which was defeated only once in seven games with four wins and two draws and was named as one of the most outstanding players in her team.

Peggy Haynes was also a member of the local Rovers Hockey Club from 1946 to at least 1967 and in addition to playing, coached the team over the years 1955, 1958-1960, 1966-1967. It is not surprising that she was awarded a life membership of that club in 1984. Her life membership badge is one of several badges pinned on the blazer suggesting that Peggy wore the blazer with pride.

It is possible that Peggy was presented with this blazer on her retirement from playing at Country Week carnivals. Irrespective of when Peggy received the blazer it was clearly treasured by her and her family and later given to her friend Helen Carpenter who she mentored as a young hockey player.

Women’s hockey remains a strong sport in the Port Macquarie area partly due to the efforts of seemingly ordinary women like Peggy Haynes who not only enjoyed playing hockey but willingly encouraged, coached and shared their skills with those they played with. 

Author: Debbie Sommers, 9 March 2014.


Single breasted women’s brown woollen blazer with gold braid trim on front patch pockets and sleeve cuffs. A patch pocket on left chest is embroidered with the words ‘Port Macquarie Hockey Club – Country Week – 1947- 49-52-53’ and a shield patch incorporating hockey sticks, Norfolk pine trees, yachts and St Thomas’ church images. 

History and Provenance

How does this garment relate to the wider historical context?

The sport of hockey was formally established in NSW in the early 1900s with the NSW Men’s Hockey Association formed in 1906 and NSW Women’s Hockey Association formed in 1908. Today over 28,000 members participate in organised hockey competitions across the state.

Local women’s hockey appears to have commenced after an exhibition match at the Port Macquarie cricket ground played by the Kempsey ladies club in June 1911: ‘Considerable interest attached to the exhibition of hockey given on the Port Macquarie cricket ground on Thursday afternoon by some 18 players from the ladies’ club in Kempsey. They played a match amongst themselves till half-time, when afternoon tea was served. After this a number of local ladies joined in and tried their hands at “shin-cracking”… They expressed themselves as being well pleased with the trip throughout.’


On 27 June 1911, a women’s hockey club was formed at Port Macquarie:‘A meeting of the ladies was held on Tuesday afternoon and a hockey club was formed for Port Macquarie with Miss Ethel Pearce as hon. Secretary and treasurer. It was decided to ask Dr. Streeter to act as president.’


The Port Macquarie women played their first practice match on 2 August 1911:‘The first practice match of the newly-formed Hockey Club was played on gaol hill on Wednesday last, when about thirty ladies put in an appearance and spent a pleasant afternoon. The players are mostly amateurs, and need a coach, but a good and earnest beginning was made, and this is pretty certain to lead on to success and dexterity in handling the club. Of course there is an element of danger in “shindy” as well demonstrated when Miss Ada Cuttriss got a black eye from a flying stick. Now the football star is waning, it is comforting to think the hockey planet is rising in vigour and brilliancy so that we may hope to relax business cares and worries by indulging our fancies with the young ladies and their waddles, by watching, the less strenuous pastime of golf and its sage exponents.’ 

Where did this information come from?

Hockey NSW website www.hockeynsw.com.au/aboutus

Port Macquarie News  June, 1911

Port Macquarie News July 1, 1911

Port Macquarie News August 5, 1911

  1. Place of origin:

    Port Macquarie, NSW, Australia

  2. Owned by:

    Peggy Haynes (also spelt Haines), given to her friend Helen Carpenter after her death in 1997 who donated it to the Port Macquarie Historical Society in  2012. 

  3. Worn by:

    Peggy Haynes 

  4. Made by:

    Lloyd Mason Productions 

  5. Made for:

    Peggy Haynes 

Trimmings / Decoration


Yellow braid has been used as a decorative trim on front patch pockets and sleeve cuffs


Front patch pocket has machine embroidered logo and wording

Fibre / Weave

Heavy brown woollen fabric used for blazer and facings 

Sleeves are lined with cream coloured striped polished cotton 

  1. Natural dye
  2. Synthetic dye


Made by Lloyd Mason Productions. Possibly custom made as there are no size labels.  The Lloyd Mason Company was an Australian clothing manufacturer of blazers and college wear. It was purchased by Skola (CTH Industries) in 1999.


Label attached to back facing reads 'A Lloyd Mason Production' 

The name 'P Haines' is also machine embroidered on the maker's label. 

  1. Hand sewn
  2. Machine sewn
  3. Knitted
  4. Other


  1. Bias
  2. Straight


2 plastic buttons at front 

  1. Hook and eye
  2. Lacing
  3. Buttons
  4. Zip
  5. Drawstring

Stiffening / Lining / Padding

Shoulder area is padded with wadding

Facings are made from same heavy woollen fabric as blazer 


Chest 960 mm
Waist 840 mm
Hip 920 mm
Cuff 325 mm
Front neck to hem 650 mm
Back neck to hem 690 mm
Sleeve length 590 mm
Neck to sleeve head 170 mm
Cross back 365 mm
Underarm to underarm 470 mm
Convert to inches

Chest patch pocket measures 170mm H and 150mm W


A little faded in places 

Cigarette burn mark on upper right side sleeve 

Insect damage

Small holes at the back left hand side waist area and rear of left sleeve are probably insect damage


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  2. Good
  3. Fair
  4. Poor


  1. Fading
  2. Holes
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