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  1. Ada Nash - Wedding Dress

    Canowindra Historical Museum

    This dress, made by the bride, was very fashionable for the time, reflecting the influence of Coco Chanel who was reponsible for liberating women from corsetry. There are two parts to this dress.  The street length under dress or petticoat is made of a heavier cream pure silk with’ gold metal lace’ attached around the neckline. The outer dress is made of a lighter weight pure silk of the same colour, which gracefully falls in folds from the shoulders.  ... more

  2. Cream Silk Wedding Dress With Train & Shoes, worn by Gertrude Fanny Deer, 1927

    National Institute of Dramatic Art

    This wedding dress with train and shoes belonged to Gertrude Fanny Deer, who was from a well off South Australian family. She married Percival John Thorpe 8 June 1927 at Cherry Gardens Methodist Chapel, Adelaide. The wedding dress ensemble was made by Gertrude's friend Maude McAskall. The set was passed onto her daughter June Elizabeth Thorpe, then onto June’s grandaughter Kathleen Szabo who donated it to the NIDA Costume Research Collection. The wedding dress ensemble is relaxed, yet elegant ... more

  3. Mary Cameron Murray Parkes wedding ensemble

    Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences

    This wedding ensemble comprising dress, kid gloves, shoes and orange blossom wreath was worn by Mary Cameron Murray at her wedding on March 21st, 1883 to Varney Parkes, architect, businessman, politician and son of New South Wales Premier and 'Father of Federation', Sir Henry Parkes. The four components, held within the collection of the Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences, are well provenanced and enable us to gain considerable insight into wedding fashions and practices in Sydney in the 1880s. Their provenance also reveals the intricacies of family relationships within ... more

  4. Christina Corner wedding gown

    National Trust of Australia (NSW)

    This wedding gown sheds light on the lives of two successful colonial families. It is rare to have such a wealth of information and photography relating to a garment and the associated National Trust property, 'Lindesay'. Successful Sydney families built mansions along the harbour, not only to enjoy the beauty of the harbour, but to keep an eye on key activities relating to shipping and commerce. John Macintosh purchased 'Lindesay' at Darling Point in 1870. It was built in 1834 ... more

  5. Qantas uniform designed by senior steward Stewart Baker
    1973 - 1987

    Qantas Heritage Collection

    The spectacularly colourful uniform worn by Qantas Flight Service Directors from 1973 - 1987 symbolised the optimistic mood prevalent in Australia as it forged an identity independent of its colonial past. The vibrant burnt orange of the blazer and yellow shirt alluded to the bright Australian sunlight and desert landscapes, thereby breaking with the tradition for male cabin crew to wear sombre uniforms reminiscent of British shipping stewards. The post-war baby boomer generation enjoyed unprecedented influence throughout the western world and Qantas was keen to promote a modern, youthful image that resonated with this ... more

  6. Girl Guides Queensland Cadet Uniform

    Girl Guides Queensland

    Marian Langdon OAM was an exceptional person. Her dress is the only known Queensland Girl Guide Cadet uniform held in the State of Queensland.  The Girl Guides Queensland Archive holds a collection of the uniform worn by members in Queensland from the 1920s to the current day.  There have been sections for girls aged from five years through to adults in the senior level for retired ladies. Uniform styles were set by the founding organisation in London, U ... more

  7. Wedding outfit of skirt, chemisette and bodice of white satin-striped cotton lawn with lace.

    Private collectors

    This wedding dress was worn by a bride from a modest but respected middle-class family in 1908, the period between Federation and World War 1. It provides insight into aspects of the newly Federated Australia, when the young nation was emerging from the traditional ways of England and beginning to forge its own identity. Adaptation to Australian conditions is reflected in use of light-weight white cotton satin-striped lawn fabric in the dress rather than silk-satin or taffeta which were commonly used ... more

  8. Florence Porter's Wedding Dress
    1909 - 1910

    Miss Porter's House National Trust Newcastle

    Florence Porter’s wedding dress is one of the most significant items in the collection at Miss Potter’s House as it marks the marriage of Florence and Herbert as the familial start point of the House and its people. Because there are exact details of the item’s authenticity it is a good example of a wedding garment of the times. Florence and Herbert Porter were married on 12 January 1910 at All Saints Church, Singleton and lived at 434 King St ... more

  9. Ella Porter, Bridesmaid's dress

    Miss Porter's House National Trust Newcastle

    Weddings are usually important and joyful events, marking a milestone in lives. In the 1930s, the vast majority of young women married, and if they could, they marked it with the traditional rituals of the Western wedding ceremony. When Esther Morton married Mervyn Taylor at Christ Church Cathedral, Newcastle in 1938, she chose as her attendants two friends. The three women had been school friends and would go on to maintain the friendship until their deaths. The wedding invitation and ... more

  10. Royal Highlanders Black Watch Uniform Jacket
    1902 - 1911

    National Institute of Dramatic Art

    This coat belonged to George Russell Leigh Drysdale, known as Leigh, born in Sydney on 23 January 1889. He attended school and the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst in England, then served a commission with the Second Battalion of The Black Watch (Royal Highlanders) in India. The regiment went to India in 1902 (dates and rank of Drysdale’s service not yet known). He married Isobel Gates on 18 October 1911. Their first child, the future painter Sir George Russell Drysdale was ... more

  11. Flora Mason's rabbit fur coat

    National Museum of Australia

    The Reg and Flora Mason collection (in the National Museum of Australia) comprises a rabbit fur coat gifted by Reg Mason to his wife Flora in 1945. The coat was tailored by Adelaide furrier Thomas Curtis Hunter from the skins of rabbits trapped by Reg Mason and his son, Murray, in the Reedy Creek area near Robe, South Australia. Introduction of the rabbit to Australia ranks as one of the most significant human interventions in this country's environmental history ... more