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  1. Mourning dress probably worn by Amelia Hackney
    1852 - 1862

    Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences

    This dress is significant because of its connection to the Hackney family, who became important members of the rural communities in the area south of Bathurst through their operation of general stores. General stores were an important economic and cultural resource for rural communities, providing not only goods, but also a link to metropolitan centres and the large department stores, as well as overseas trade. The Wongs also offered interest-free credit and free delivery. This dress is also significant because ... more

  2. Purple Grey Silk Women's Possible Half Mourning Dress
    1863 - 1865

    National Institute of Dramatic Art

    This purple grey day dress is estimated to originate from approximately 1863-65. It is the only possible half mourning dress in the NIDA Costume Research Collection and it was purchased from the Banana Room in Adelaide 1999. This garment is significant as it is an excellent example of possible mourning dress that is in good condition, and demonstrates good craftsmanship as the garment is sewn completely by hand. This dress has led to several points of research, which gave insight into ... more

  3. Young Girl's Black Dress
    1855 - 1865

    Dorothy Nicol Historical Fashion Collection

    Although very little provenance information regarding this garment has survived it is, nevertheless, a very well preserved example of children's clothing in mid-nineteenth century Australia. This little girl's dress is made from black silk taffeta and is dated to the period 1855-1865. Entirely hand sewn throughout, the dress is decorated with glass buttons, black velvet ribbons, black silk-rouleaux with jet bugle beads, as well as white cotton machine-made lace and blue silk-taffeta edging.  What makes this garment even more interesting ... more