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  1. Hallie's Hat
    1960 - 1970

    Rottnest Island Authority

    Hallie's Hat was made by Hallie Margaret Stow (1876-1972) from seaweed collected on Rottnest Island. Hallie was a regular visitor to the Island between 1929 and 1970 visiting mainly in winter with three friends, Catherine Summers, Rettie McGibbon and Grace Davidson. They would take horse trips to the West End, and around the Salt Lakes. Mrs Stow made many such hats for family and friends. Hettie’s daughter Mrs Sheila Plank donated the hat to the Rottnest Island Museum This hat is ... more

  2. Cynthia's "Gunner Leake" AWAS jacket 1942

    Rottnest Island Authority

    The Australian Women’s Army Service   winter uniform jacket is significant for its social history in a time when young women were encouraged to play a part in the defence of Australia, taking on jobs that freed men for frontline duties. For many young women World War II gave them the opportunity to leave home and spread their wings, at the same time helping their country’s war effort. When the Australian Women’s Army Service was established in 1941 the total number ... more