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  1. MacKenzie Academic Gown

    Fassifern District Historical Society

    This garment is significant because it was worn by a female Bachelor of Science graduate in an era where it was not common for a female to attend university and study in this field. The garment was retained by the owner for the duration of her life. more

  2. Cotton flag dress made by Miss Amelia Ellis
    1918 - 1919

    Tinonee Historical Society

    This interesting dress was made for the Victory Parade celebrations held on Australia Day 1919 in the small town of Tinonee on the Mid North Coast of New South Wales. Communities across Australia celebrated the end of the First World War in a number of ways. Tinonee's Victory Parade included the Town Band, Boy Scouts, school children and citizens dressed in patriotic costumes such as this one made and worn by local dressmaker Miss Amelia Ellis. Australia's participation in the ... more

  3. Max Humfress V's swimming costume
    1906 - 1916

    Manly Art Gallery & Museum

    This very rare example of a young boy's homemade V's dates to around 1911. The images of 3 year old Max Humfress wearing them add tremendous interest and value to this garment. The provenance is enhanced by the appliqued letters 'MH' on the front. They are the only child's 'V's' and one of the earliest 'V's'- in the Manly Museum and Art Gallery collection. 'V's' are cotton, roughly made, V-shaped costumes for men from the 1920s-30s that covered the lower ... more

  4. Queensland Police Officer Country Winter Uniform 1896 - 1946
    1912 - 1913

    Queensland Police Museum

    The Queensland Police Officer Country Winter Uniform is one of the earliest examples of this uniform in Queensland. The fact that the whole uniform, tunic and pants, is in good condition makes this item especially signifiant. It is a hip-length, khaki green woollen tunic with long sleeves. There is nothing elaborate about this tunic, no embroidery, lace or ribbon. It is simply a uniform, designed for practical work-wear purposes. The pants are full-length, khaki as well and made from wool. ... more